17th ASECU Conference

“Post-COVID19 in SEE and Black Sea Region – Responses towards SDGs”

Date and location

13-14 September 2021,

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics


In honour of its twenty-fifth anniversary, ASECU organizes its XVII Conference. The COVID19 crisis accelerated a procedure of structural transformations towards a new economic/social environment which needs to be further explored.

The governments all over the world, exposed to huge external shocks, are ultimately forced to build up a resilient and sustainable economic/social system capable to answer on different challenges. Furthermore, the risk that the COVID19 pandemic will push countries further back from SDGs 2030 is evident.

To understand various aspects of  andemic crisis in the South and East European Countries (SEE) and the Black Sea Region and overall influence of the crisis on economic and social systems, the ASECU organizes the Conference “Post- COVID19 in SEE and Black Sea Region – Responses towards SDGs” in September 2021. The Conference will be hosted by the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade – Serbia.


The Conference will bring together leading experts both from CEE countries and Black Sea Region and around the world. The outcome of the discussions will contribute scientific and policy debate in the region regarding the open Post-COVID19 questions and challenges. Both empirical and methodological research papers are equally welcome. Selected papers presented at the conference will be published in South-Eastern Europe Journal of Economics and Economic Annals


01 – COVID-19 and SDGs: Policy and responses

02 – The macroeconomic impact of COVID-19: National, sectoral, and regional effects

03 –  Income inequality and welfare state during and after COVID-19

04 –  Financial impact on firms and markets

05 –  Digitalization and growth for E-commerce

06 –  Post COVID-19 and New Green Deal

07 –  Socioeconomic changes and resilience

Call for papers

Participants who would like to present a paper are requested to send an extended abstract in English by May 31st, 2021. The abstract should include objectives, research questions, theoretical framework, methodology and results. The deadline for receiving the full papers for the accepted abstracts is August 30th, 2021.

The working language of the conference is English.


The aim of the Association is to promote the interests of the Economic Universities of South and Eastern Europe and of the Black Sea Region, which are public, recognized or financed by the state of origin. The specific activities are connected with promotion of cooperation between economic universities, faculties and departments, both inside and outside the countries referred to in the Association, in the field of research for the benefit of the economy, the society, peace and the cultural development. The Association was founded in 1996.

Information about the ASECU can be found at http://www.asecu.gr/index-en.html

About University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics

The University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics belongs to the group of faculties within the University of Belgrade, which is ranked among the best in Central and Eastern Europe. From its foundation in 1937 the Faculty of Economics has successfully connected and harmonized higher education in the field of economics, business management and statistics with modern requirements of the economy and society, keeping pace with all important achievements in economics.

Information about the Faculty can be found at http://www.ekof.bg.ac.rs

Location of coference

Universtiy of Belgrade – Faculty of Economics

Kamenička 6, Belgrade, Serbia

Professors Hall, 1st floor